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VPC Cryogenic (VS6) Vertical, Double Casing, Multistage

• API 610 (VS6), latest edition
• ASME Sections VIII and IX

Operating Parameters
• Flows to suit site requirements
• Heads to suit site requirements
• Discharge pressures to 148 bar (2160 psi)
• Temperatures from -200°C (-325°F) to -45°C (-50°F)


• Designed for use in a cold box
• Nozzle head with integral warming chamber
• Metal backed PTFE coated bearings
• Close clearance for high efficiency
• LOX and LIN compatible materials conforming to industry standards
• High pressure breakdown bushing
• Stand pipe bellows
• Optional below grade suction flange
• Sealing options
– Dual wet seals
– Dry gas seals
– Gas injection labyrinth seal
• Reinforced motor stand


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